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We did it! Thanks to everyone who sponsored and donated over the last 2 weeks, we're on our way to GDC! We're grateful for the generosity of the sponsors listed below, who stepped up to make a statement about the importance of making our industry more open, equitable and diverse.

Extra-special thanks to ID@XBox, our Convoy Partner for bolstering local communities, throwing your support behind marginalized developers, and making room for positive change and growth in this industry.

Much love to Pinnguaq, Finji Games, Mike Bithell and Ubisoft Toronto for your especially generous contributions.

Toronto studios Alientrap, CAPY and Rocket 5 Studios—we're so proud to know you and have your constant encouragement.

Simon Carless, Bootdisk Revolution, Sheridan College, PagerDuty, Occipital, Grumpy Ferret, Emergent Fates, and Matt Thorson: Thank you for being part of making games and tech a more welcoming place for gender-marginalized people.

And to all the individual donors, cheerleaders, Tweeters and champions: We see and appreciate you—thank you for being there when we needed you!

Convoy Partner

Amazing Sponsors

Twenty-five members of the DMG community have received All-Access Passes to the Game Developers Conference through our scholarship program. But we need your help getting the Convoy to San Francisco!

GDC puts amazing opportunities for personal, professional and community development within our reach. But many of our members are low-income, students, or freelancers, so the cost of traveling to the conference is still prohibitively high even with the passes taken care of.

Half of the scholarship recipients will be unable to afford attending without financial support to defray the cost of flights, safe accommodations, local transportation and food. Help us out by purchasing a sponsorship package now.

Why support DMG?

DMG provides year-round training, events, resources, mentorship and workspace to gender-marginalized people game developers—a direct benefit to their schools, communities, present and future employers. We operate on less than $5,000 per year, supporting Toronto-based freelancers, game design students and low-income independent game makers.

We do a lot with very little, and with your help, we can do more!

Why sponsor the Convoy?

  • It sends a strong statement about your organization's values and commitment to creating positive workplaces, opportunities, and communities for gender-marginalized people in games and technology.

  • It's an opportunity to directly support gender-marginalized game designers, developers, writers and scholars, helping create a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse game development industry and culture.

Other Ways to Help

Make a Donation

All donations collected online during the month of February go towards the GDC Convoy Fund. Make a one-time gift of any amount, and you'll be helping cover daily costs such as:

Cost per dame, per day
Travel insurance $3
Food $25
Accommodations $60
Local transportation $16

Uber Fund

Chuck some change in our Uber Fund Collection Jar at any event at Gamma Space during the month of February 2015. This will help Dames choose safe transportation while in San Francisco.

Spread the Word

Share this page with whoever is in charge of sponsorships at your school or work.

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