Our community values and defends inclusion, diversity and accessibility


DMG is an explicitly feminist space but our membership and (most) programming is open to everyone.

We welcome and advocate for the presence and contributions of all people regardless of their gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, culture, abilities, ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, race, religion, education, or socioeconomic status.

However, DMG is for and prioritizes people who belong to gender identity groups that are structurally marginalized in game and tech spaces – without qualification.

Doesn't describe you?

That doesn't mean you aren't welcome here! It just means that our time, effort, attention, and programming revolves around needs and interests that might not match your own.

We hope you'll join as a friend, and look for ways your skills and experience can support our mission and our membership.

Anti-oppression & anti-racism

Prejudice, oppression, and discrimination are detrimental to the health of our community. Supporting and centering the visibility, dreams, ideas and work of members who are the most vulnerable, marginalized and traditionally excluded from games and tech spaces creates a better future for all creators who contribute to and benefit from DMG.

Read our community manual.

Code of Conduct

We actively enforce (and expect all members, mentors and participants to abide by and help enforce) policies about expected behaviour and unacceptable behaviour.
Read our Code of Conduct here and how to report CoC violations.

Resolving Conflicts

Formal and informal complaints about interpersonal disputes, staff or organizational policies will be addressed through our conflict resolution policy and procedures. Directors, staff and members are required to respond to and comply with conflict resolution proceedings and related by-laws in order to retain membership or employment.

Read our procedures for resolving conflicts.

Contact hr@dmg.to if you have any questions!


We strive to create a space that is accommodating and easy-to-use for people who use assistive devices.

Read details about the accessibility of our space.