'...an unwinnable compilation of activities.'—Kill Screen

Medication Meditation

Medication Meditation, developed by artist Kara Stone, is a game that examines the daily mundanities of life and health maintenance.

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Through activities like daily affirmations, sessions with a therapist, taking deep breaths and discovering just how hard it is to quiet the mind, Medication Meditation will amuse and have you questioning self-care in equal measure.

Originally developed during Dames Makes Games’ June 2013 workshop, Kara has worked with Toronto’s Golden Gear Games to bring it to mobile platforms.

Medication Meditation is the second title published by DMG, with additional funding and support from Gamma Space’s BOSS LEVEL Pilot 01 Community Investment Program.


  • Breathe and take a breather as pixelated lungs fill and expand under your touch.
  • Interact with a virtual therapist and virtually answer your own questions.
  • Get into the routine by watching the clock for precise medication administration.
  • Challenge yourself to discover your quiet mind.
  • Inscribe today’s daily affirmation into your heart.


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