The Tilted Hand: Sexism and Racism in Pinball (Deluxe Canadian Version)

Saturday, February 21, 2015
2:00pm - 3:00pm

The hit pop culture anti-colonialist critique that got me banned from at least one Stateside museum, now in Canadian.

To know pinball is to understand the way America romanticizes the dehumanization of women and othering of non-white cultures to justify a legacy of colonization and cultural appropriation.

It is also to know hope in the face of unrelenting exclusion and bigotry. Pinball, especially in the Pacific Northwest (and Ontario), is experiencing a rapid influx of women and people of color into the game, who, if given access to the massive physical resources (i.e. thousands of incomplete machines) could overturn our racist and sexist history and create a better, brighter pinball.

The Jetta Raesidency

Dames Making Games and Bento Miso have invited Jetta Rae to spend some time in Toronto to lead a series of lectures, document our members' work, help out around the HQ, bake us treats, write, and act as an ambassador for Bay Area feminist gamemakers, players and changers. She'll be here from Feb 12-28. See all upcoming lectures here!


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