RPG Zine Jam

Sunday, April 11 – Sunday, April 25, 2021

We love a zine, we love an RPG, we love making stuff with pals, so let’s make an RPG Zine together (apart)! Jam with the DMGRPG pals and make a supplement to be printed as part of a small anthology rpg zine! 

For this 2 week long, distance jam, we invite you to make any type of rpg supplement. Wanna write an adventure? Great! Make some monsters? Rad! Full of lore you just wanna get out into the world? DO IT! There’s only 1 rule – NO RULES (don’t make a full game)! 

We will be meeting April 11th to get together and brainstorm some central themes to work around and tie our pieces together. The Jam ends on April 25th and we will be scheduling some casual optional work sessions and skillshares over the weeks as well. After the jam is complete DMG will compiling and laying out all the finished pieces into a zine, which will then be printed. Jammers will receive creator copies of the final zine to distribute or hoard as they wish! 

Don’t worry if you’ve never made something for an RPG before, we are here to help and the general openness of project type is perfect for folks new to RPGs!

DMG will be covering a small print run and participants will get creator copies.
I will be filling any layout gaps – no need to worry if you don’t have layout chops!
Each participant gets 4 pages of space to fill with their rad stuff!


  • 2:00PM April 11: World building & planning
  • April 11 - April 25: Game building & casual scheduled work hangs
  • 2:00PM April 25: Jam wrap & share!


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