Public Speaking 101

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Interested in presenting at conferences, but nervous about public speaking? Or, do you enjoy giving presentations but want to find ways to feel more comfortable on stage? This is the workshop for you!

Since great public speakers aren’t just conveying important ideas, they’re putting on a performance, we’ll go through tips on how to feel your most comfortable on stage, whether you’re a solo presenter or on a panel. This will include understanding basic rules of thumb for preparation, for conveying information, body language, and, most importantly, for controlling your nerves.

Instructor: Kaitlin Tremblay (she/they)

Kait is a writer and a narrative designer at Capy Games in Toronto. Her independent game work has focused on creating space for positive and productive conversations around mental health in video games. She is the author of the book on storytelling in video games Ain’t No Place For A Hero: Borderlands and was the lead writer on the death positive videogame A Mortician’s Tale with Laundry Bear Games. She is on the board of directors of DMG, and serves on the programming committee and as the organization’s industry liaison.

What to Bring

You can prepare a 3-minute presentation to share at the end if you are interested in receiving feedback from the group, but this is entirely optional!


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