October Social

Saturday, October 12, 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm

Our regular speaker social! Every month, folks working in games, on game-related projects, or in interactive arts give a brief presentation on their work. Expect fascinating insights into a broad range of disciplines, introductions to rad projects and tools, interesting creators and new friends!

After the talks, we chat, mingle, and share some snacks. All are welcome, and it’s always free. Our socials are always alcohol-free.


Yiyi Shao

RABBOT – Exploring Shared Awareness in Virtual Reality

RABBOT is a three-player game that allows people outside of the VR to play with people inside of the VR. It features a modified VR headset with moving ears and LEDs and two IPad game interfaces with AR-enabled mechanics. I would like to share with you my making journey from ideation to production.

Yiyi Shao is a maker, programmer and designer. She recently finished graduate school in Digital Futures program at OCAD University. Her research interest covers areas of wearable technology, IoT and game design to improve the shared awareness in mixed reality experiences.

Nicole Winchester

Cool, Sexy (Consensual, Cooperative) Creatures of the Night

Nelly’s By Night was an evening of Vampire: The Masquerade live-action roleplay, run in January and September of 2019. In the same setting as the White Wolf and Paradox Entertainment video and tabletop games, Nelly’s By Night includes roleplay on many of the ‘mature themes’ in the setting with the use of cooperative and collaborative play mechanics (opt-in/opt-out) and consent negotiations rather than more ‘traditional’ mechanics and rules used. I’d like to talk about how the project was developed, what we learned between the two larps, and why this sort of game is important to bringing people into larp and gaming!

Nicole is a narrative designer for TTRPG, larps, and immersive experiences. Nicole built Nelly’s with co-founder at Fair Escape Studios, Gary Winchester. Here’s their Nelly’s team.

Diana Poulsen

Horror Theatre: The Phantasmagoria and Haunted Houses

“The Phantasmagoria a form of horror theatre that used magic lanterns, smoke and mirrors to scare people in 1650s onward. Eventually it developed into the Haunted houses of my childhood (Disney World, Niagara Falls, and Sears) and it is connected to interactive theatre like Sleep No More, and horror games like SOMA and Layers of Fear. These old scares are still alive in today’s entertainment.”

Diana is an art historian, videogame art historian, robot lover and builder. Formerly of Team Vector. Diana talks a lot about art, games and patient experience.

Dikla Revah

Neutrois – a playable experiential future scenario

Neutrois is a feminist personal game, an interactive novel, using a science fictioning future scenario for the narrative. Dikla hopes to provoke a critical discussion around social norms related to biological sex and gender, prompting the player to imagine a life in a postgender world and raising awareness of the limitations these norms have on our life and the potential for agency.

Dikla Revah is an illustrator, worldbuilder, and game designer who focuses on creative social-futurism. As a Graduate Student at OCAD University in the Digital Futures program, her research explores the intersection of speculative design, strategic foresight and digital games as a way to envision the future and inspire for social change.

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5:00 Doors open
5:20 Announcements
5:30 Talks start
6:30 Snack & chat social hour!

About Our Speaker Socials

Our monthly member meeting and social—open to everyone—aims to showcase the work of queer and gender-marginalized folks involved with games in a wide variety of roles. Designers, developers, artists, critics, fans, writers, people new to games and seasoned pros are all welcome and have shared the mic at DMG.

It's also a platform for participants to find encouragement, resources and a venue for speaking about their work in a supportive and productive environment.

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Always alcohol-free. Light refreshments are provided.


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