November Speaker Social

Saturday, November 9, 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm

DMG Workshop

Our regular speaker social! Every month, folks working in games, on game-related projects, or in interactive arts give a brief presentation on their work. Expect fascinating insights into a broad range of disciplines, introductions to rad projects and tools, interesting creators and new friends!

After the talks, we chat, mingle, and share some snacks. All are welcome, and it’s always free. Our socials are always alcohol-free.


Natalie Zina Walschots

The Human Cost of Superpowers; or, Heroes Are Bad Actually

Setting aside preconceptions and propaganda about superheroes — that they are inherently noble, on the side of all that is right, and make people’s lives better and safer — what evidence do we have that they are actually, well, good? While doing research for her novel, Natalie decided to run some numbers, and the results were far from flattering. When we take a look at the cost of superheroes( using established metrics of measuring natural disasters), whether that be to the communities they work in and the individual lives that they disrupt, the data tells a troubling story. Mass destruction, physical injury and death, and often grave miscarriages of justice follow in their wake. When we add up the human cost of superheroes, can we continue to stand by the assumption that they are good, just, and even justifiable?

Yifat Shaik

The Engine is the Message, or How I Learned It’s OK to Not Be Perfect

Just let go and create. Yifat will present The Engine is the Message, a series of small games made with tools that are not game engines. She’ll also talk about the creation of small imperfect zine-like games – how they came to be, how she made them and how making them helped her cope with anxiety. And how you can, too!

Susan Shu Chang

Designing narrative-focused games with Ren’Py

Susan will talk about how she used Ren’Py to make her visual novel about dogs fighting for social standing. It’ll be half gushing about Ren’Py and showcasing its flexibility to make all types of visual novels, and half postmortem of the development process, while wearing many hats.

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5:00 Doors open
5:20 Announcements
5:30 Talks start
6:30 Snack & chat social hour!

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About Our Speaker Socials

Our monthly member meeting and social—open to everyone—aims to showcase the work of queer and gender-marginalized folks involved with games in a wide variety of roles. Designers, developers, artists, critics, fans, writers, people new to games and seasoned pros are all welcome and have shared the mic at DMG.

It's also a platform for participants to find encouragement, resources and a venue for speaking about their work in a supportive and productive environment.

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Always alcohol-free. Light refreshments are provided.


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