Love's Secret Domain LARP Playtest

Thursday, June 13, 2019
7:00pm - 10:00pm

LOVE’S SECRET DOMAIN (working title) is a LARP, a dance ritual, an alchemical experience aimed at taking the base realities of queer life under oppression and transmuting them into a transcendent experience.

The players take on the roles of a group of queer noise musicians as they face hate, love, death, and the crushing pressures of heteronormativity as they approach middle age.

Expect an intense experience. The game utilizes techniques from contact improvisational dance and thus a considerable amount of touch among participants.


Organizer Dymphna responds!

Do I need to know anything about noise musicians or Coil?


Do I need to be good at dancing?

No. The author is terrible at dancing. There will be at least two Bad Dancers at this event.

There’s touching? That sounds creepy. Are there going to be creepers at this game?

I thoroughly reject the white North American notion that touch is fundamentally about sex, violence, and/or domination. Touch is a powerful tool to communicate and in this game I am reclaiming it from the people who have used it to oppress me. There will be fairly standard North American LARP safety protocols in place.

DMG’s code of conduct, as always, is strictly enforced and the facilitators and DMG organizers are here to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Really now, what is this thing?

An antidote for when people become poisons.




What to Bring

Dress for comfort and ease of movement.


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