A hands-on intro to free and open-source frameworks that are making VR accessible to just about anyone with a computer and access to the web.

Intro to WebVR

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
6:30pm - 9:30pm

at Gamma Space, 862 Richmond Street West

Making virtual reality experiences is easier than you think! Join us for this hands-on workshop and dive right in to creating your own immersive worlds on the Web – and be part of creating a future where VR is for everyone.

You’ll get an introduction to free and open-source frameworks that are making VR accessible to just about anyone with a computer and access to the web.

Who it’s for

  • Anyone curious about VR, open platforms, and accessible digital art!
  • Web developers and designers interested in expanding their design skills to immersive and interactive experiences and interfaces
  • Game developers who want to explore creating 3D immersive worlds for the web
  • Video artists, animators, filmmakers and digital artists who want to expand their practice and explore creating fully immersive and interactive VR experiences beyond basic 360° content


  • Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript will be helpful but is absolutely not required – it is easy to read and learn, and we’ll provide code for you to “remix”
  • Laptop – this is a hands-on workshop! We also have computers available to borrow – just let us know ahead of time if you need one.

What you’ll learn

We will use A-Frame, an open source framework for creating VR experiences with HTML; and three.js, a lightweight 3D JavaScript library that runs in all browsers that support WebGL.

We’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a hosted development environment with Github and Glitch
  • Build a basic scene, modify basic meshes and add simple 3D models
  • Add controller interactions
  • Use JavaScript to modify the scene and handle events
  • Deploy and host your project on the web for free!

About the instructor

Jennie Robinson Faber (executive director, DMG) is a developer focused on empowering collaborative arts communities. Jennie supports artists and organizations that centre diverse identities so that everyone can create freely and focus on the good work they do for a more just, equitable future. She’s excited by the potential for immersive computing to connect people through play! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


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