Intro to Typography for Indie Games

Thursday, November 7, 2019
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Gamma Space, 2nd Floor • At the Toronto Media Arts Centre (32 Lisgar Street)

Selecting typefaces thoughtfully can have a profound effect on the strength of your art direction and improve the usability and accessibility of your interface.

In this info-packed lecture, designer Nate Davis will demystify typography and typesetting for games, survey the features of fonts, and how they can make your life harder or easier; review practical concerns, such as licensing; talk accessibility; and answer all your burning questions about fonts and type in games!

Who this is for

  • Indie developers who have to wear lots of hats
  • Art directors
  • UI and UX professionals
  • Visual artists
  • People who might translate their game into German someday and might need to know how long their text boxes should be

About Nate

Nate Davis is a UI+UX and graphic designer currently based in Toronto with over 12 years experience in design. They’ve most recently worked on Quench, and are currently designing for an unannounced 4X project, as well as a game about showers. You can see some of their work at

What to Bring

Nothing to bring or prepare.


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