GMing Club 02

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
6:00pm - 10:00pm

For folks who have always wanted to run a tabletop RPG but needed a great group, a safe space, an easy way to learn the game, or just a little encouragement, Shel Kahn is running the GMing Club, a program to help folks who want to try being a Game Master to learn a new game.

Play one session of a tabletop RPG with Shel, asking questions, learning the system and getting a feel for the game; then go home with a PDF of the game rules and prep your own one shot (with mentorship available via Slack and email), which you’ll run at a follow up session with members of the community on hand to play your game, and Shel on hand for any questions.

This session, we’ll be learning and running Apocalypse World, a gonzo, grim yet outrageous post-apocalyptic game with modular, creative-commons rules that we can learn, hack, adjust and iterate on freely. Learn more about Apocalypse World

This session has limited slots, and we would hope that folks signing up to learn Apocalypse World can also commit to running a one-shot game for the DMG community in the follow-up session on November 13.

Please check the dates to make sure you’re available for both!

What to Bring

No need to bring anything or prep in any way!


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