Our monthly social! This month, we don't fear missing out… we relish it.

March Social: GDC Offsite Edition!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
7:00pm - 11:00pm

at Gamma Space, 862 Richmond Street West

Stuck in Toronto while all your game-making pals head to San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference? Yeah, we are too… :(

Don’t fear missing out–join us for the 4th annual DMG GDC Offsite, featuring improv panels, inaccurate tech talks, multiplayer nongames and a very small but extremely lively afterparty. Bring your own slide deck and adult or all-ages beverage of choice.

Please note: this is a private event for DMG members 18+ only. Alcohol may be available but non-alcoholic beverages and snacks will also be provided.

About Our Speakers Socials

Our monthly member meeting and social—open to everyone—aims to showcase the work of trans and cis women, nonbinary and queer folks involved with games in a wide variety of roles. Designers, developers, artists, critics, fans, writers, people new to games and seasoned pros are all welcome and have shared the mic at DMG.

It's also a platform for participants to find encouragement, resources and a venue for speaking about their work in a supportive and productive environment.

Would you like to present at an upcoming social? We'd love to have ya!

Light refreshments are provided.


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