Feb Fatale

Saturday, February 16 – Sunday, February 17, 2013

NOW AVAILABLE: Feb Fatale survival pack! Includes a t-shirt, tote bag, 4GB USB key, snack pack – and maybe more! Pre-order your kit now (you must be registered for Feb Fatale to purchase the kit).

For two days in the depths of another bleak Toronto winter, join fellow DMG members for a jam that’ll chill your bones…

WHO: DMG members—Allies and Dames alike. Made a game or two before? This is for you.

WHAT: 48 hours of deadly game-making madness. A game jam. The theme: Deceit, destruction, and all things diabolical…

Dive into your next project during our very first non-program game jam. Work in a team or solo, put some polish on an existing game or start something from scratch, float and make music, lend your voice to someone else’s project, push some pixels, MAKE SOME GAMES!

How is this different from other DMG programs?

Feb Fatale is more classic game jam than educational program. If you’ve ever made a game before — a rough-around-the-edges sketch or polished-and-packaged app — this jam is for you. There will be no dedicated mentors or floaters, and all participants will be working solo or in teams.

How to prepare

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