CRITDMG Vol 2. Zine Jam

Friday, June 10 – Sunday, June 12, 2022

Lovers of myths, legends, and tales, this jam is for you! CRIT DMG is back with a jam for our second volume! This time we are focusing on folk tales: the stories, myths, and legends that shape our worlds. This jam will be open-ended as to how you want to contribute; create stories, scenarios, monsters, people, or places. This volume will be system agnostic so each supplement will be able to be used in any game system.

CRIT DMG Zine Jam will take place over one weekend with a worldbuilding workshop, a series of workshops on game design, and a wrap-up event. We will be jamming remotely and coworking in the DMG Zine Jam Discord. Jammers will write supplemental content for games for folk tales they create or adapt existing folk tales into playable content.

After the jam is complete participants will have extra time to tune up their writing before handing it over for layout. Jammers are only required to submit text supplements of 1500 words max or less if you wish to include additional images or photos to be included with your entry. The layout will be done for jammers, so once you are done with your writing just send it off and wait for the finished zine. Each participant will receive creator copies of the final zine to distribute or hoard as they wish!

No experience is necessary as we will have design mentors present to help you through the steps of writing supplemental content for games and examples to work from.

Get your keyboards ready jammers, your stories await!


7 - 9PM EST June 10: Game Jam Kickoff & Worldbuilding exercise

1 - 4:30PM EST June 11: Workshops on folk tale focused design

12 - 8PM EST June 11 & 12 - 6PM EST June 12: Active game jamming hours with mentors and organized present

4-6 PM EST June 12: Wrap Up Event

June 27: Final supplement due from writers

July: Book enters layout and pre-production

August 27th, 7PM EST: CRIT DMG Zine Launch!

What to Bring

Bring your creative tools of choice; final files will need to be text documents plus any supplemental imagery provided in digital form.


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