Body Games 2: Embodied Non-Competitive Games

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Bento Miso

Some of our earliest experiences with games are Tag or Hide-and-Go-Seek, games that don’t cost any money and rely on an imagined shared set of rules, a magic circle.

Theater of the Oppressed is a tradition that has created games like these, physical, embodied, non-competitive games.

We will play a number of classic Theater of the Oppressed games which are collaborative and exploratory, and then discuss what are the elements and mechanics of these games so we can design our own with women, trans women and disabled people in mind.

Part of Body Games, a workshop series by micha cárdenas. Attendance at prior Body Games workshops not required.

About Body Games

Does the identity and embodiment of the game designer matter? Does the identity and style of embodiment of the player matter? How can we use these parts of ourselves to design better, more compelling, more transformative games for social justice?

This workshop series by micha cárdenas will look at games we can play where our bodies characteristics are central game mechanics. How can we create a capture-the-flag game that is anti-colonial? Or a game of Tag that will help end sexual violence? Or a game of hide-and-go-seek that would challenge trans-misogyny? Or a game that challenges ableism by relying on disabled players unique capabilities in order to win?



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