Adventure Jam

Friday, March 1 – Sunday, March 3, 2019

DMG Workshop

Join your friends at DMG for a weekend of fantasy adventure! Adventure writing, that is.

At this game jam, we’ll be jamming on adventures (also known as modules or scenarios) for tabletop roleplaying games, using Dungeon World as our inspiration and optional system reference. The goal? A laid out, ready to share adventure by the end of Sunday!

WHAT: 48 hours spent creating a ttrpg adventure that’s ready to play. It could be a zine, an annotated map, a set of card prompts, or whatever exciting format you have in mind!
WHO: DMG members. Work in a team or work solo!

  • Friday: 6–9 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10am–6pm
  • Sunday: 10am–7pm, with show & tell at 6pm, invite your pals!

Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, March 1: night we will be running a few games of Dungeon World, so those who’ve never played or who want a refresher can get a feel for the game.

Saturday, March 2: Shel Kahn will run a short opening workshop on adventure design, and then we jam out our adventures however we like!

Sunday, March 3: Shel will also offer a short lunchtime workshop on book layout in Scribus and then we’ll use the rest of the day to edit and lay out our adventures!

At the end of Sunday: we celebrate a job well done, share our hard work with each other, and talk about where we can play, distribute or sell these adventures if so desired!

Jam participants will have an opportunity to GM their adventures at DMG TTRPG game nights!

What to Bring

Participants will need a computer and any additional brainstorming and creativity tools they like to use; basic stationary supplies, grid paper, dice, Dungeon World books and laptops will be available on site. Open source software will be used for demos but participants are welcome to use whatever tools they prefer.


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