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Killing Cyberpunk Exhibition

Thursday, May 23 • 6:30pm - Saturday, Jun 1 • 5:00pm

Play the games of DMG’s annual noir-themed game jam – Feb Fatale – in a 10-day exhibition alongside Doors Open Toronto.

Writing Dialogue For Games

Wednesday, May 29 • 6:30pm

Learn the fundamentals of writing dialogue for games, the different types of dialogue and how to successfully craft purposeful and effective dialogue for your projects.

Intro to Clip Studio & Krita

Tuesday, Jun 11 • 6:30pm

Thinking of making the switch from Photoshop to the more wallet-friendly illustration and painting tools? This is the workshop for you.

Love's Secret Domain LARP Playtest

Thursday, Jun 13 • 7:00pm

Love’s Secret Domain is an experimental live-action game with dance elements themed around the music of Coil. It follows the lives of a group of queer noise musicians and hangers-on as they contemplate love, death, and the crushing socioeconomic pressures of heteronormativity while approaching middle age.

Grant-Writing Info Session for Media Artists

Wednesday, Jun 19 • 6:30pm

DMG is excited to welcome Peter Kingstone, Visual & Media Arts Program Manager at the Toronto Arts Council, back to DMG for a workshop and discussion about applying for project grants as a media artist (hey, that’s you!).

Hiring Professional Voice Performers for Your Game

Thursday, Jun 20 • 6:30pm

Interested in how you, as an indie creator, can engage professional voice performers?

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