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Building Safety, Inclusivity and Trust at the Table

Wednesday, Mar 20 • 7:00pm

DMGRPG presents two talks from local community organizers, experienced GMs and game designers Kate Bullock and Daniel Kwan! Learn about creating safer spaces – from conventions to communities to the game table.

DMG GDC Offsite 2019

Saturday, Mar 23 • 7:00pm

Join us for our 6th annual GDC Offsite event, a silly social gathering for those who don’t go!

Body-Centric Game Controllers

Wednesday, Mar 27 • 6:30pm

Make a game controller designed for a body part! This workshop is part of our larger series on textile game controllers, a collaboration with the Social Body Lab. No prior experience or knowledge required.

Intro to Unity Particles and VFX

Saturday, Mar 30 • 6:30pm

Curious about how to get started with particle effects in Unity? In this workshop, you’ll learn about the Shuriken particle system, then take a look at code-driven particles check out the upcoming VFX Graph.

Intro to Arduino

Wednesday, Apr 3 • 6:30pm

A hands-on introduction to Arduino for creating interactive electronic objects. No experience necessary!

Intro to the Unreal Material Graph

Wednesday, Apr 10 • 6:30pm

Join us for a crash-course on Unreal Engine 4’s node-based material editor. Get hands-on with the tools, get familiar with the basics of physically based rendering (PBR), and learn how to roll your own with texture and math-driven effects!

April Speaker Social

Saturday, Apr 13 • 5:00pm

Every month, folks working in games, on game-related projects, or in interactive arts give a brief presentation on their work. In April, we are featuring Diana Poulsen (Fatal Frames: NeoBaroque Aesthetics in horror games from the aughts) and leif tobias gifford (virtual reality concept-games as a way to re-articulate trauma).

Modular Building with 3DS Max & UE4

Tuesday, Apr 16 • 6:00pm

Comfortable with basic modelling? Ready to start creating your own highly reusable modular assets? Learn the AAA pipeline of modular set building with 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4 in this workshop for new game designers.

Intro to Unreal Blueprints

Wednesday, Apr 17 • 6:30pm

Are you a level designer hoping to drive some more dynamic behaviours in your levels? A game designer hoping to quickly test out some ideas before putting dev resources into a fully-fledged system? An artist hoping to take your assets to the next level? Or just looking for the power of a AAA game engine at your fingertips without having to commit to years of learning C++?
This is the workshop for you!

Killing Cyberpunk Arcade

Thursday, Apr 25 • 7:00pm

merge from the dead of a bad, bad winter to play cyberpunk/noir-themedgames and experiences made by DMG members at our sixth annual FEB FATALE game jam, KILLING CYBERPUNK!

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