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Intro to Substance Painter

Thursday, Jun 29 • 6:30pm

Get started with Substance Painter, and familiarize yourself with practical workflows for using the software.

Writing Horror Games

Friday, Jun 30 • 6:30pm

Do you want to terrify all your friends with horror games? Or just slightly spook them? Or use horror as a metaphor? Want to unsettle and disturb your players? Then join this workshop!

July Speaker Social

Saturday, Jul 15 • 6:30pm

Our monthly social, featuring talks, low-key socializing and snacks! This month, Sophia Park and Penelope Evans will talk about fandom and fan expression in games, writing metafiction, and the mysteries of Arc Symphony.

Writing Romance Games Part 1: Talk & Discussion

Friday, Jul 28 • 6:30pm

Love romance games? Want to learn how to write one yourself? Or just want an excuse to write something steamy? This is the workshop for you!

Writing Romance Games Part 2: Writer's Group

Sunday, Aug 13 • 12:00pm

Love romance games? Want to learn how to write one yourself? Join our writer’s group for discussion and critique!

Intro to WebVR

Tuesday, Aug 29 • 6:30pm

A hands-on intro to free and open-source frameworks that are making VR accessible to just about anyone with a computer and access to the web.

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