Sonic OC 7

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Dec 31, 2015

Sonic OC 7 is a Twine centred on a one on one interaction with a child's spirit trapped in a mid-1990s Macintosh computer.

My first Twine interactive -- my first interactive of any sort, created for a friend's Sonic OC Jam (a game jam centred on fandoms and adolescent interaction through formative media). After years of bullying and abuse, they interact with the world in violent, absolute memory wipe cycles and have sectors of their hard drive gone bad, left unflagged, where they suffer traumatic attacks.

The goal is for the player to act with sympathy toward a fan of a stigmatised, mischaracterised fandom, by engaging on a one-on-one level; and to use a familiar and yet idiosyncratic user interface to mediate a conversation in a way uncanny to anyone using a computer.

Themes, topics, genres: memory, trauma, fandom

Collaborators & Connections

Matilde Park created Sonic OC 7