Prison Air

About Prison Air Play

Sep 10, 2016

Prison Air is a simple, comical and fun game that involves launching inmates towards a Prison! Filled with slapstick humour and hilarious ragdoll physics, Prison Air is all about making that perfect shot that gets you the most points. Whether you’re aiming for something hard to hit or completing the story mode, you will enjoy Prison Air’s unique gameplay with family and friends. - Complete the funky story mode involving our three characters and wreck absolute havoc in the Prison! - Discover secrets and achieve score multiplier bonuses in hilarious Prison mini Games! - Sabotage the efforts of the “Administration” and collect items to aid you in your escape!

Themes, topics, genres: Comedy, Casual, Ragdoll, Indie, Single Player, Funny, Family Friendly

Collaborators & Connections

Amina Khalique programmed, co-designed Prison Air

Additional Credits

Bradley Widner | Game Designer / Tester Indigo Doyle | 3D Modeler / Texture Artist