About LST-REX Play

May 01, 2015

Made during TOJam Tentacular!

This side-scroller features a lone dinosaur that lives in a desolate world. She finds herself ingesting a suspicious-looking piece of amber. Next thing she knows, everything is changing around her -- sparkles, rainbows, candy, cake & unicorns! This land is so much better. This land has everything she's ever wanted; happiness & companionship. But to stay in this world, she must find more amber, stay lifted, and find the party!

Themes, topics, genres: casual, dinosaurs, drugs, fantasy, high, lifted, rainbows, science, side-scroller

Collaborators & Connections

Gabby DaRienzo did art for LST-REX

Kimberly Koronya did art for LST-REX

Brittney Oberfeld designed UI for, did art for, designed levels for, produced LST-REX

Andrew Carvalho programmed LST-REX

Jen Costa composed music for LST-REX