About Jeuxly

Jul 04, 2012—Aug 11, 2012

Jeuxly was the second women-in-games incubator run by feminist organization DMG Toronto.

The program ran for six weeks. Participants met weekly in a safe, supportive space to share their progress, learn about game-making tools and techniques, and discuss the process of learning to create games.

In addition to these weekly work sessions, participants attend the New Game Makers series lectures and project studios for a hands-on grounding in producing creative assets, starting a studio, storytelling in games, creating music, programmable hardware for physical video games, and more.

Themes, topics, genres: new game makers, DMG program

Collaborators & Connections

Gillian Blekkenhorst participated in Jeuxly

Jennie Robinson Faber coordinated Jeuxly

Ponyo was the embedded researcher for Jeuxly

Julia Ediger participated in Jeuxly

Miriam Verburg participated in Jeuxly

Marie Flanagan participated in Jeuxly

Christine Kim participated in Jeuxly

Yuliya Boublikova participated in Jeuxly

Cecily Carver coordinated Jeuxly