Intergalactic Diving Squad

About Intergalactic Diving Squad

Intergalactic Diving Squad is a collaborative dating sim made for May 2015's Gym Jam. It's set 400 years into the future, where after a long period of war, the known universe is at peace, and celebrating that peace through sport. Unlike most dating sims, you don't just play as the main character, a second person plays as the romanceable character. It's kind of an experiment in consent, because I wanted to play with the idea of control that players have in games - I didn't want the player to be completely in control. There are no set rules for succeeding in the romance, or even for winning the games. The goal isn't to win or conquer, but to simply experience and enjoy.

Themes, topics, genres: dating sim, 2 player, Twine, player agency

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