About Indigicade

In the first installment of the Indigenous Routes Collective and Dames Making Games collaboration, Indigicade, a group of six indigenous girls and women (ages 13-24) were provided with training and mentorship to produce their own video games from scratch.

Over the course of one month, the participants learned directly from experienced artists, musicians, game designers and programmers from the DMG community about the process of developing small, personal games. With a focus on play, storytelling, and meaningful mechanics, the program sought to introduce young women to a wide range of possibilities of for them in the world of videogames.

The first phase of the Indigicade project was generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts – Media Arts Section.

Themes, topics, genres: long program, workshop, new game makers, Indigenous

Collaborators & Connections

Jennie Robinson Faber created, coordinated Indigicade

Sagan Yee mentored Indigicade

Kimberly Koronya mentored Indigicade

Gabby DaRienzo mentored Indigicade

Shel Kahn mentored, presented at Indigicade

yifat shaik mentored, presented at Indigicade

Liesl mentored Indigicade

Soha Kareem mentored Indigicade

Henry Faber advised Indigicade

Maggie McLean presented at Indigicade

Jen Costa presented at Indigicade

lindy wilkins presented at Indigicade

Additional Credits

Susan Blight, Archer Pechawis, Ben Donoghue, Pauline Shirt, Lisa Myers, Sage Paul, Terril Calder