Galaxy Run

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Suit up to join a crazy adventure to help get Rez home. Join Rez into deep and dark mysteries of Space on his one way trip to adventure and fun. While getting back to Earth in his space craft, Rez gets trapped in an asteroid belt and crashes on an unknown planet. Can you help get Rez back home?

A few Game Audio Review snippets -

"I urge you with every fibre of my being to turn the sound up for the trailer for Spiel Studios's auto-running platformer Galaxy Run. You will not be disappointed."

  • Harry Slater, Senior Writer |

"Backed by a super-addictive techno soundtrack that I can only assume has been created especially for the game based on its lyrics, Galaxy Run‘s fun sound effects and trippy techno back beat really do set the mood for future replay – if only to hear the soundtrack again."

  • Arron Hirst |

"I'll be damned if this trailer doesnt have me itchin to try Galaxy Run out..."

  • Jim Squires, Editor-in-Chief |

Themes, topics, genres: Platformer, Space, Sci-Fi, Electronic

Collaborators & Connections

Rahul Bhatt composed music for, sound engineered Galaxy Run