About Forgotten Play

Dec 25, 2016

A flash fiction interactive: conversations with the reaper in beautiful CGA.

Art direction by Arielle Grimes.

The development was driven by the following questions:

  • Given enough loops, or enough time, how long would it take an NPC to become sentient? How old would the game have to be?
  • Would that sentience take up RAM, or hard drive space?
  • What if being sentient within those confines used up physical resources? What if thought ate up RAM? What if living in that world led you to view the things we do as programmers as actual magic? And what if that magic, in turn, ate up the same RAM you were using to think?
  • What if their interactions were literally, absolutely defined within the confines of the game they lived in? What if they had to use up more of their physical resources to create a world without these limits on how they could interact?

Themes, topics, genres: Death, decay, technology, nostalgia

Collaborators & Connections

Matilde Park co-created, wrote Forgotten

Arielle Grimes art directed Forgotten