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May 15, 2017

Arc Symphony posits you as an invader in the Usenet newsgroups of yesterday.

Discover the ancient JRPG, β€œArc Symphony,” in this meditation on fan culture and identity in the reflection of the monitor.

Arc Symphony is especially notable for its marketing campaign, in which the creators designed and distributed fake jewel cases of the game within a game, Arc Symphony, during the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Themes, topics, genres: identity, technology, nostalgia, fandom

Collaborators & Connections

Matilde Park developed, wrote, co-created Arc Symphony

Penny Evans wrote, did art for, co-created Arc Symphony

Kaitlin Tremblay advised Arc Symphony

Jonathan Levstein tested, advised Arc Symphony

Henry Faber advised on Arc Symphony

Christine Love influenced Arc Symphony

Jennie Robinson Faber advised Arc Symphony