About Euphrates

Two-to-four-player, turn-based cooperative adventure game with branching paths. A dark and foreboding style reminiscent of '70s sci-fi (SILENT RUNNING), flat pixel graphics mixed with glitched-out bitmaps: (think NIDHOGG) and hilarious storylines and characters inspired by FARSCAPE and FIREFLY.

Shepherd seven generations through calamity, interpersonal conflict, and changing resource levels to reach a distant star system. No stasis pods -- just life, death and bad choices aboard GSV EUPHRATES, hurtling through space towards an uncertain future.

Themes, topics, genres: space, turn based, interactive narrative, multiplayer, space catastrophes, TOJam 7, Daimio

Collaborators & Connections

Jennie Robinson Faber conceptualized, wrote Euphrates

Eric Emery wrote Euphrates

Maggie McLean composed music for Euphrates

dann toliver programmed Euphrates

Henry Faber designed Euphrates