Board Vacancy: Sponsorships & Partnerships Director

Dames Making Games is seeking a director of the board in a resource development role and your skills are needed!

January 27, 2018

Have experience developing sponsorships and partnerships for a not-for-profit arts organization or community group? Dames Making Games is seeking a director of the board in a resource development role and your skills are needed!

If you are interested, or would like to nominate someone for this role, please email us at

Term: 2 years (renewable by appointment of the Board)


This is a volunteer role. However, directors are compensated at a fair hourly rate for up to 5 hours of work outside meetings per month. Directors are also eligible for expense reimbursement when traveling on DMG business.

Professional development and training opportunities are available.


  • Developing short- and long-term financial support for the organization and its members through corporate and community partnerships and sponsorships.
  • Coordinating with partner organizations and DMG committees to deliver joint programming.
  • Helping manage council funding cycle and grant program calendars.


  • Experience developing sponsorship plans, pitching, securing and stewarding sponsorships and partnerships for at least one non-profit organization
  • Relationships with diverse Toronto arts- and advocacy-based communities
  • Interest in collaborating on alternative and creative funding projects

Experience with screen-based art, design and production (games, animation, filmmaking, etc.) is cool but absolutely not required!

Chairs the Resource Development Committee, which:

  • Supports DMG's goal of developing sustainable financial support through a balance of corporate and community partnerships and sponsorships, arts council funding and earned revenue.
  • Manages all stages of the sponsorship cycle, from goal-setting to long-term partnership cultivation.
  • Proactively researches funding, partnership and grant opportunities and develops proposals for Board approval, collaborating with committees to develop appropriate proposals for different partners (industry/corporate, government, academia, community, family offices, etc.).
  • Creates donation campaign strategies.
  • Develops short-, medium- and long-term funding strategies and priorities in tandem with other committees and the Board.
  • Writes, edits, submits, monitors and reports on grant applications. Plans and executes one-time and long-term fundraising events and campaigns. Manages communication and relationships with partners and sponsors.

Directors are expected to meet with the board for one hour every 6 weeks. Directors also chair their committee and are responsible for scheduling and leading those meetings, and bringing its proposals to the board.