April 2015 Social Recap

Here’s a quick rundown of announcements from our most recent social.

April 19, 2015

Upcoming Events

  • Next week: The Programming, Volunteer and PR committees will be kicking off for 2015 on April 23. If you’re interested in joining one of these committees, check out the details on the bulletin board in your member account and come to the kickoff meeting!
  • Our May social, on May 6, will be a special comics edition with Jenn Woodall and Nicole Burton, followed by the FIGHT! zine launch party! FIGHT! is a zine project created by Jenn that invites artists to create their own original lady fighting game characters and it will be available at the party!
  • Bit Bazaar is back for the fifth edition May 9 - If you like games, food, beer and crafts this is the place to be! Many DMG members will be showing games, including Kara Stone, Elliot Pines, altopunk, Mikki Benaglia and more!
  • Dames Throwing Axes is coming up May 22!
  • Indigicade will be running Thursdays and Saturdays in June, and is still accepting applications! The program is for first-time game-makers and open to Indigenous youth (girls and women age 13-24).

Gym Jam!

This May, we’re making games about SPORTS, ACTION, ATHLETICISM, playing together and being in it to win it! Games to gather around, train for and emerge victorious from. We want to see love on the gymnastics mat, bitter badminton rivals, wrestling for glamour, virtual reality trampoline stunts, gesture-controlled synchronized swimming, turn-based table tennis and diving dating sims.

It’s GYM JAM! The dates: May 29-31

REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW and space is limited!


Arielle Grimes talked about her in-development project, Cabin In The Cache, where it came from, how games are a healing medium and how this game project helped her grow, identify unresolved baggage and reach a place of acceptance with herself and those in her past.

Kara Stone shared process and progress on her next game, Cyclothymia.

Author Suzanne Sutherland talked about her next YA novel, Under the Dusty Moon, which features – along with a Twine-fueled friend feud and a dream date to FanExpo – a fictionalized feminist game-makers group that was inspired by Dames Making Games!