A message for our Black members.

June 5, 2020

The DMG board of directors believes, unequivocally, that Black lives matter. In this moment – when you're simultaneously dealing with a pandemic disproportionately affecting your communities and centuries of racism culminating in the current wave of protests – we send compassion and care through actions of solidarity. Collectively, as an organization, we stand with those who are leading the way for Black liberation.

We commit to standing up for your wellbeing, safety and right to exist in all spaces free from racism and injustice; to doing the work required to destroy white supremacy in the systems we participate in; and to materially supporting you in this moment and always.

As we organize, listen, educate ourselves, reflect, react to community needs and adapt our strategies for fighting antiblackness, we also want to invite Black community members to ask us for more – what do you need from DMG? What else can we do to support you? It could be something big, or something small. Writing or other creative work to share, a place to show up, or a situation our collective power can help navigate. Money to pay a bill, or a game to promote.

Reach out to the directors at board@dmg.to, through our anonymous form or via Slack.

As an organization that serves and is led by intersecting communities of marginalized identity groups, we seek to give up space and resources as part of our work towards redressing dispossession, oppression, settler colonialism and the living legacy of racism.

In this moment, we are looking even more critically at how we do this as an arts organization. The work of countering systems that have harmed people through technology and culture must be continually renewed and invested in. We are up to the task.

What we are doing now:

  • Connecting with our Black-run partner organizations in Toronto – especially in our Parkdale / West Queen West neighbourhood – to provide material support, including grocery and meal deliveries, donations of computers and technical work
  • Maintaining a list of actions that can be taken by white and non-Black individuals in our community to combat anti-Black racism