The Games and Dames of Junicorn

Learn about the games made by this summer’s participants in Junicorn.

July 20, 2013

This June, 10 participants in our third long-form program—Junicorn—gave up their beautiful summer evenings to dream up, design, and develop their first games.

They all came to Junicorn with minimal experience creating games, and incredibly diverse backgrounds. We’re very proud of what they accomplished in such a short time!

We met as a group every Wednesday evening to talk games, share progress and challenges, and complete workshops on prototyping, level design, programming, and game art.

At the Saturday afternoon work sessions, 20 mentors dropped in to help the Dames with design and technical issues, and assist with music and art production.

On Saturday, July 20, we celebrated the work of each participants with snacks, music, presentations, and an open arcade. If you missed it, here’s a bit about each Junicorn and the games!

Midnight Campground Katherine Verhoeven

Currently working as a designer and freelance illustrator, Katherine Verhoeven’s focus in game making leans heavily on the visual aspect. She’s always had one or two projects running over the last couple years. Currently she makes the webcomic MEAT&BONE, and the monthly mail-order comic TOWERKIND. She ran the unique and popular Toronto food blog Drawn and Devoured. You can see more of her work at or

MedicationMeditation Kara Stone

MedicationMeditation is a series of exercises on the work of just living. Exploring mundane aspects of life, this game brings focus to overlooked sites of daily struggle.

Kara Stone is a student at York University, achieving an MA in Communication and Culture. She previously completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production. Her work consists of feminist video and filmmaking with a focus on gendered perspectives of affect, mental illness and emotion. Coming from a theatre background, she transitioned into film and video making, currently working as a picture editor on dramatic and documentary features, shorts, music videos and activist videos. With this interest in post-production, she is experimenting in alternative modes of video interactions and new media

Wingman Izzie Colpitts-Cambell

WINGMAN is a traditional platformer based on the misadventures that ensue when your friend drags you out to the bar. As you meet new people and head from coat-check to the mezzanine dance floor, keep an eye out on your drink intake! Make sure your drink-o-meter doesn’t overflow or get too low. You’ll get sloppy — or worse yet, sent home fully sober.

Izzie Colpitts-Campbell is an artist who loves solving problems. Her interest in interactive tech comes from a key to the abandoned NSCAD electronics lab. Izzie is studying integrated media and wearable technology at OCAD, and is excited to see the role games can take in her future work.

//Spy Jammer Daniele Hopkins

//Spy Jammer explores spatialized interpretations of internet locations and the two-way mirrors that exist there. Focusing on the concept of surveillance, the player navigates this world as a garbage-like amalgamation of pixels by sneaking past watchful internet entities.

Daniele Hopkins is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist who enjoys communicating perspectives and experiences through the manipulation of disparate tool sets. She has taken a surrealistic approach to audio/video compositions, ballpoint pen illustrations, sculptural dioramas relating to (or made from) insect bodies and materials, as well as the manipulation of game interfaces.

Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind Hisayo Horie

This is a game about holding each other back in identity-based communities, that entail differences and power dynamics within. The game is made with the intention to be played in a workshop/seminar setting with facilitated discussions outside of the game.

Hisayo is a Japanese genderqueer introvert, art-based educator, and community artist, specialized in film and digital storytelling. Hisayo is excited to be a part of Junicorn, and the potential of video game to turn stories into a dialogue.

Girl Sprout Camp Carly Rhiannon

Perform tasks at summer camp – such as gathering flowers while avoiding poison ivy – to earn your merit badges in this retro-inspired platformer.

Carly Rhiannon is a musician, audio engineer and avid gamer. Her love of gaming stems from many hours playing Super Mario Bros and Outrun with her dad as a kid. She is also a former Girl Guide.

Princess in Distress Daniella Armstrong

PiD is a platformer in which a Princess fights to escape the tower that she has been locked in, fighting her way past enemies and obstacles floor by floor.

Daniella Armstrong is an aspiring student who does her best to be artistically productive while working a part-time job. She enjoys drawing, reading, and writing, and hopes to create many more games and improve upon the skills which she has learned while participating in Junicorn. Her ambitions include pushing out a webcomic (currently in-progress), creating a well-liked game, and touching Patrick Stewart’s head.

Muselings Linda Boden

Muselings is a pet simulator for the iPhone wherein the player summons the spirit of a book, and trains it to become a proper Museling which will one day grown up and embody a word.

Linda is a proud OCAD dropout and current architecture student at U of T. She has been playing video games since in the womb, and loves them almost as much as kittens. Other interests include rainbows, tea, schadenfreude, and Oxford commas.