Important Updates from our AGM: Staff Changes, New Board Members, and Our Name

An announcement of staff changes, new board names, and a statement regarding our name from DMG’s Board of Directors.

February 28, 2021

By DMG Board of Directors

Staff Changes

We announced two fairly big changes to our organisation at our AGM on Saturday, February 27th, 2021!

Jennie Robinson Faber, our tireless, inimitable, and generous executive director has made the decision to step down as DMG’s ED. Jennie has been so critical to so much of what has made DMG special and powerful, and we all are so grateful for all the energy, time, and enthusiasm that she has put into both DMG and us, as individuals, collaborators, friends, and members. Jennie has helped create something so powerful, so meaningful, and so integral to so many of us, both members and directors alike.

We cannot thank her enough for everything she has contributed to this organization, community, and industry, and are eternally grateful for her energy and leadership. Jennie’s not disappearing, though! Jennie has moved into a board advisory position, as she’s going to help the board as we begin the process of undertaking some larger organizational and structural changes (but more on that at a later date). She will also remain on as Damage Labs project director.

Jennie has recommended — and we whole-heartedly agreed — that former president of the board, Izzie Colpitts-Campbell, step into the Executive Director position. Izzie’s kindness, insightfulness, and leadership has been fundamental to helping DMG as it's grown throughout the years, and none of us could imagine a better person to step into this role.

Jennie and Izzie have written letters about their decisions, and they’re both wonderful and heartfelt (some of us for sure cried). Please give them a read, since this transition means so much to Jennie, Izzie, and the entire DMG board of directors.

Jennie & Izzie's letters

New Board Members

Okay, that’s not the only changes happening! At our AGM, two new directors got affirmed to the board: Seb Pines and Gillian Blekkenhorst. Both Seb and Gillian have been instrumental in helping build our DMGRPG and games writers communities, both in person and as we transitioned to digital events. They both carry such a keen sense of community and shared leadership, and we’re beyond thrilled to have them join the board.

Our Name

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve started referring to ourselves exclusively as DMG over the past few years. This shift in language has been intentional as we consider the ways our language and governance policies intersect.

By focusing on referring to our organization as DMG, we’re doing two important things: prioritizing inclusivity in our language and highlighting that through our programming, our support, and partnerships, we intend to do damage to the systems that keep our voices out of tech and game spaces.

This shift and ideology isn’t new for us at DMG. “Damage” was always intended as the double meaning of our logo and organization’s acronym, and the shift to focusing on “damage” can be seen in our programming, such as Damage Camp and Damage Labs. But we never announced it, and given conversations we have been having about the purpose and role of DMG, stating it clearly and publicly feels important.

DMG Board of Directors
Santo Aveiro-Ojeda
Jayd Matyas
Kaitlin Tremblay
Natalie Zina Walschots
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